Incorporated in 2000, Rachana Enterprise was established to provide marketing and distribution services for Industrial Chemicals and Specialty products in the Western and Northern regions and Exports. Rachana Enterprise is part of a group with over 30 years experience in the chemicals business.
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The group’s flagship company Tide Sales Corporation was established in 1969 as a trading firm for various Industrial Chemicals servicing the entire region of Eastern and Southern India. Having the unique opportunity of serving the industry for over three decades, the group has successfully built up a wide network of associates and contacts across a broad spectrum of industries. With its principles and ethical business practices, "Tide Sales" has become a synonym of Goodwill in the industry.


» Sodium Sulphate - white, free flowing
» Glycerine
» Aluminium Chloride
» Ammonium Chloride

» Titanium Dioxide
» Propylene Glycol (PG)
» Fluorides, Bi-fluorides, Flouroborates
» Water Treatment Chemicals Polyelectrolytes, Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC), Sodium Hypochlorite, etc.
» Solvents – Methylene Chloride, Chloroform, CTC , DEG, MEG etc.
» By Products – eg. Resorcinol Tar residue / Phosphoric Acid residue used for various applications
» Paper Pulp Softners
» Bleaching Chemicals for Textile, Carrier Solvent (ODCB) for finishing
» Effluent Treatment Chemicals (with Technical Support)
» Silica Gel bags - for Humidity control in sensitive equipment / utensils specially for export.
» Water Hardness Scale remover / Preventer for Washing machines - Consumer Packs
» Drain Declogger / Scale remover - Consumer packs
» Pollution Control equipment - Special Oil - Water separators
» Phenol - for manufacturing Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) Resin
» Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer / Activator
Aloe Vera

» Cotton Filter rods - as used in Cigarettes, Nasal Inhalers, Car Perfumes, Decorations, Laboratory Applications, Packing material.
» Straws
» Aloe Vera Products - % Pure Natural Gel, Juice, Creams, Shampoo .
» Handicrafts - Ethnic Indian Wooden Furniture, Wrought Iron decorative pieces & Gift Articles.
» Designer Bed Sheets, Bridal Wear
» Dry Flower arrangements, Perfumed Potpourri (available with Technical knowhow for manufacturing)
» Wax rolls
» Safed Musli (Chlorophytonium Borovillinium) - aphrodisiac
Wax Roles


» Jute Industry
» Paint Industry
» Foundry Industry
» Textile Industry
» Paper Industry
» Pharmaceutical Industry
» Glass Manufacturers

» Construction Chemicals Manufacturers
» Explosive Manufacturers
» Detergent Manufacturers
» Steel Industries
» Dyes Manufacturers
» Polish Manufacturers
» Dry Flower Exporters
» Merchant Exporters


We can be your Partners / Associates as :
» Manufacturers Representatives / Liaison Agents
» Authorised Distributors
» Indenting / Commission Agents
» Dealers / Stockists
» Sourcing agents for your requirements

We are dedicated to provide Quality Products and Service to all our Valued Customers.


Some of our esteemed Principals and their Products are :

M/s Deepak Nitrite Limited (DNL) - Vadodara
Sodium Nitrate / Sodium Nitrite / Rubber Blowing Agents / Protecto - GLP, FX (Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Wood Preservatives & Treatment Chemicals)

M/s Sahyadri Dyestuff & Chemical - Pune
Resorcinol & Dyes / Sodium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphite

M/s The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company Limited (DMCC) - Mumbai
Sulfamic Acid / Sulfamic Descalent / Catalyst - D / Descaling compound / Borax - Boric compound for Plywood Industries / Floor Cleaning compound. .

M/s Choksey Chemical Industries - Mumbai
Phosphoric Acid / Sodium Hexameta Phosphate (SHMP)

M/s Avik Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Cortico Steroids

M/s Gujrat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) - Ahmedabad
Mineral - Flouspar

M/s Albright Wilson & Chemical Company Limited - Mumbai
Phosphating Chemicals / Detergent Chemicals / TSP / SHMP / STTP / AOS / SLS / Wetting Agents / Acid Slurry / Calgon S / Sodium Silico Fluoride

M/s Vikas WSP Ltd. - SriGanganagar
Guar Gum - for Food, Bread and Biscuits, Ice cream, Printing binder, Papers, Match sticks, Mosquito coils, Explosives etc.

M/s J. P. Brothers - Mumbai
Softners for Textile & Jute Industries - with Technical Consultancy / H2O2 Bleaching stabilizer / Defoamers

M/s Ashish Pharmachem
Mebendazole, Tolnaftate, Micanazole Nitrate, Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose etc.




Western Region Office Eastern Region Office
Rachana Enterprise
Contact Person: Mr. Manish Parekh
Address:216, Siddharth Complex,
R.C.Dutt Road, Alkapuri
Baroda -390 007, Gujarat , (INDIA)
Mobile: +(91)-9824066868
Phone:  +(91)-(265)- 2300868
Fax:       +(91)-(265)- 2334377

Contact person(s) : Mr. C. D. Parekh, Mr. Rajiv Parekh
Address : 4, Ganesh Chandra Avenue 5th Floor, Poddar Mansion
Calcutta (Kolkata) - 700 013 West Bengal, India
Mobile: +(91)-98310 79405
Phone: +(91)-33- 2236 5684, 2237 7699
Fax:       +(91)-33 2237 3365

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